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Ultimate Air Duct Cleaning – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Most Thorough Cleaning – $399.95

  • Powerful Predator Brush to remove all dirt, debris and dust.
  • Breathe easier with better indoor air quality.
  • FREE furnace or air conditioner cleaning included.

Special Price $399.95 – Many duct cleaning companies in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area offer multiple levels of service. Some call these “good, better, and best” services. Often, however, there’s not much difference in the techniques used for the various types of services, and price may be the primary difference. As the most trusted duct cleaner in Minnesota, we offer three service levels as well, but they are very different. Each is suited for a particular situation, and uses different techniques and equipment to match the cleaning method with the conditions.

Furnace Air Duct Cleaning MN Our Xtreme duct cleaning service is the ultimate duct cleaning method, and removes the maximum amount of dust, mold, allergens and other debris. Registers must be removed to accommodate the special Predator Brush used to clean every square inch of ductwork. It uses our most advanced technology, in multiple steps, to remove virtually all debris and contaminants from your ductwork. The only way you could have cleaner ducts would be to tear out your old ductwork and replace it completely. While not every home needs this level of cleaning, but we recommend it in the following situations:

  • Minneapolis Duct Cleaning Service Homes with badly neglected, uncleaned ductwork
  • Homebuyers moving into an existing home
  • Heavy smoking in the home
  • Smoke odors from fires
  • Ductwork that emits bad odors
  • Homes where allergies, asthma, or respiratory illnesses are issues
  • Homes with young children or elderly persons
  • Homeowners who insist on maximum cleanliness

How Xtreme Duct Cleaning Works

Xtreme duct cleaning can take about 2-4 hours to complete, and involves multiple steps, each using specialized equipment designed specifically for the job. Due to various factors, the duct cleaning may take longer than 2-4 hours. Our technicians will give you a time estimate before they start. When we’re finished, your ducts will be thoroughly cleaned.

A note of thanks and appreciation for a job well done! You sent me the right guy. He was a “pro” and did a “top notch” job. I’m thoroughly pleased with the quality of the whole job. It met and exceeded my expectations. I’ll certainly recommend your company to any friends or neighbors. – J. Knudson, Minneapolis, MN

  • Minneapolis Duct Cleaning Service Step 1: A 6" diameter flexible hose is run from our van’s 12.5 hp vacuum system and placed in the main trunk line of your air duct system. The vacuum captures and bags all dust and debris throughout the cleaning job. It’s powerful suction prevents any debris from escaping into your home.
  • Step 2: Our Predator Brush uses octopus-like tentacles, powered by compressed air, to clean every inch of your ductwork. We insert the brush at each register and use extensions to reach all parts of your duct system. As the debris is loosened, it is drawn into the trunk line of the system and vacuumed away. Watch the Predator Brush in action in the video above.
  • Rotary Duct Cleaning Service Minneapolis St Paul Step 3: Following the Predator Brush process, our technicians use a rotary brush, powered by high-pressure compressed air, to sweep the entire trunk line of your system, driving the debris and contaminants to the vacuum line, where it is removed to the van and captured in sealed bags for removal.
  • Step 4: Our technician will perform a basic cleaning of your furnace or air conditioner at no extra charge, along with any other services you have chosen. Note: This furnace cleaning is not a furnace certification or safety check.

Once the entire job is done, your ductwork is clean and sanitized. All odors are eliminated, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. You can follow up an Xtreme duct cleaning with regular cleanings using our other methods and save.

Note: Before Xtreme service begins, the homeowner should remove supply and return registers. If you prefer that our experienced technicians to do this, there is an additional $8.00 charge per register. Since registers are often painted over or stuck in plaster or drywall walls, we are not liable for damage caused by removing registers. We are not liable for paint damage, chipped sheet rock and plaster, or scratched registers. We will need access to ALL DUCTS and REGISTERS. This offer is only valid for homes with ONE furnace.

Best Air Duct Cleaning in Minnesota

Exclusive with our Minneapolis St. Paul air duct cleaning company, our Xtreme cleaning service is absolutely the best for residential use. Use it once on your ductwork, and you may never need this type of cleaning again. Regular cleaning with our other methods will keep your ductwork in great shape. Contact us soon to schedule an air duct cleaning or any of our other services.

Disclaimer: There is an additional cost for animal removal (dead or alive) or animal nests or debris removal. This cost will vary depending on the circumstances.