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Furnace Tune-Up & Cleaning – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Furnace Cleaning and Tune-Up

  • FREE Furnace Cleaning – With the purchase of Air Sweep or Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning.
  • Furnace Tune-Up – $159. Keep your furnace running safely and smoothly.

Regardless of the age of your furnace, it is essential to have it regularly cleaned and inspected to maximize efficiency and ensure safety. An annual furnace cleaning and tune-up can save you money on your heating bill and protect you from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also the best way to ensure that you don’t suddenly end up without heat on the coldest day of the year. Our Minnesota locally owned duct cleaning company offers the following maintenance services.

  • Furnace Cleaning and Tune-UpSpecial $159.00, Regular Price $269.95 – Our technicians provide a thorough furnace maintenance and check-up process that is recommended annually for optimal heating performance. MN Air Duct Cleaning Contractor Our technicians are fully trained and certified on the operation and maintenance of forced-air gas furnaces, central air conditioners, and other accessories. In this highly recommended service, we will:
    • Inspect and clean individual burners.
    • Inspect and clean the indoor air filter.
    • Furnace Cleaning Minneapolis St Paul Inspect and clean flame sensor, igniter and ignition assembly.
    • Inspect and clean blower motor and wheel assembly.
    • Oil the assembly if necessary.
    • Complete a safety inspection of the venting of each furnace and the heat exchanger.
    • Check for possible dangers including cracks (which can emit carbon monoxide that can be harmful to you and others in the home).
    • Check the gas pressures and test the carbon monoxide levels.
    • Complete a thorough diagnostic and alert you to any issues or repairs that need attention.
  • Basic Furnace Cleaning OnlySpecial FREE! with a Duct Cleaning. Regular $99.00 – We will inspect & clean the individual burners, the flame sensor, igniter, blower motor, and wheel assembly. We will also inspect the filter. The furnace cleaning involves the removal of debris or detritus from the surface and interior of the furnace, but does not include the full mechanical safety inspection and diagnostic of the tune-up.
  • Furnace Chimney CleaningSpecial $69.95 with a Duct Cleaning. Regular Price $109.00 – Your chimney will be brushed and cleaned much the same way as a fireplace chimney, using steel brushes to sweep the interior of the walls, removing all debris and vacuuming with a truck-mounted air wand vacuum. We then clean the drip tee and the vent connectors that connect your furnace and water heater to the main sack. This service should be performed as needed, depending on the age of the furnace chimney and the type of fuel used.

Maintain Your Furnace with Regular Cleaning & Tune-Up – Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN

Your forced-air gas furnace is an important part of your home comfort system in Minneapolis St. Paul, Minnesota. Proper cleaning and inspection is your best assurance of long life and economical operation and to avoid the loss of heat during the cold Minnesota winters. Our technicians have the training and equipment needed to do the job properly at the same time they clean your ducts. Contact us soon to schedule your cleaning services.

Disclaimer: There is an additional cost for animal removal (dead or alive) or animal nests or debris removal. This cost will vary depending on the circumstances.