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Top-Rated Services at Affordable Cost

  • $149 Air Sweep Cleaning for the whole house. No hidden charge.
  • ONLY $109 – Dryer Vent Cleaning. Reduce fire risks and extend dryer’s life.

Everyone has heard of the benefits of having air ducts cleaned by a professional duct cleaner. Ridding the air circulating in your home from dust, fibers, fungi, pet dander, and bacteria is a great way to improve the healthfulness of your home and keep it cleaner longer.

As the most trusted air duct cleaning company in Minnesota, we don’t just clean air ducts. We also offer professional cleaning services for other appliances and HVAC equipment in your home. Furnace and air conditioner cleaning can save you money by restoring the energy efficiency. Cleaning the dryer vent reduces fire risks and improves the efficiency of your dryer, saving you big money in the long run. Water heater vents also need cleaning to maintain trouble-free operation.

Combine HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance Services and SAVE!

Duct HVAC Cleaning Minneapolis St Paul While each of these cleaning jobs can be done individually, our company knows that combining all the necessary services into one visit saves us time and money. So, we offer many special reduced prices when you combine services. You get all the needed jobs done in a single visit and save money.

Duct Cleaning Service Company in Minneapolis MN For example, our regular price for cleaning dryer vents is $149.00. That’s a good deal, in itself. However, if you combine this cleaning with any air duct cleaning package, we’ll reduce the price of the dryer vent cleaning to just $109.00. You save $50 off the regular price. The same deal applies to hot water heater vent cleaning.

If you have a central air conditioning system, we’ll check and clean it for $159.00. It’s a service you need annually, before the summer months. Combine that with our rotary brush cleaning service, though, and we’ll do the AC cleaning and check absolutely FREE!

Minnesota Top-Rated HVAC and Duct Cleaning Company

We reduce our costs when our expert technicians visit your home and perform more than one job during that visit. We pass those savings on to our customers. It just makes sense to save both your time and money. With our extended service area in the Twin Cities, your home is just a short drive from our location in Minneapolis. We will arrive on time no matter where you live, from Osseo, Lino Lakes, Anoka and Roseville to Hopkins, Richfield, Savage and Apple Valley, and from Inver Grove Heights, Eagan, Woodbury and Maplewood to Crystal, New Hope, Eden Prairie and Golden Valley. Contact us today to schedule one of our expert technicians to handle all the duct cleaning and HVAC services. You’ll save money and your home will benefit in many ways. Our service vans have high-powered vacuum units to remove all the dirt and dust, leaving your home clean as a whistle. We are an award-winning company and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.