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Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning Service – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

$109 Special

  • With the purchase of a Duct Cleaning.
  • Recommended annually to prevent house fire.

Fireplace Chimney Sweep MN A blazing fire in a fireplace is one of the great joys of a Minnesota winter. That’s one reason why more and more Minnesotans have chosen to install wood-burning fireplaces and specialty wood stoves in their homes. It’s a great way to bring the family together to enjoy each other and adds to the atmosphere and ambiance when you entertain. Too many homeowners, however, neglect their fireplace and chimney, and this can lead to smoky fireplaces and even life-threatening house fires.

Fireplace and Chimney SweepSpecial $109.00 with a Duct Cleaning. Regular Price $189.95 – We use steel brushes to sweep and break loose debris, creosote and soot by scrubbing and sweeping the interior of the chimney, the damper plate and the smoke shelf. All debris and contaminants will then be vacuumed and removed with a truck-mounted vacuum. We carefully protect your carpeting and floor during the process and take every precaution to keep all soot, creosote and debris either inside the fireplace or in our powerful vacuum system.

Prevent Chimney Fire in Minnesota Winter

Creosote and soot build up over time on the interior of your chimney, and inside your fireplace, obstructing the draft needed by the furnace or fireplace and increasing the risk of a chimney fire. Creosote is a highly flammable substance that, if not removed, can ignite and cause destructive fire. An annual inspection and cleaning of all wood-burning fireplaces, wood stoves, and chimneys is recommended annually. Don’t neglect this important maintenance job. Our Minnesota duct cleaning service company has the expertise and equipment needed to do a safe and thorough sweep of fireplace chimney. You can save over 50% on these services when purchased in conjunction with our other services.

Fireplace Chimney Cleaning Minneapolis St Paul Anyone who has experienced a chimney fire has a horror story to tell. Caused by the ignition of a build-up of creosote and other deposits in a fireplace chimney, a chimney fire is a major emergency that can destroy your home. When one starts, the homeowner first knows about it from the roaring sound of air rushing into the fireplace to feed the fast-growing fire inside the chimney. It’s an unmistakable, horrifying sound. While the fire is burning, a column of flaming sparks emerges from the chimney, and can quickly set fire to the roof of the home, surrounding trees, and anything else in the way. It’s like a huge blowtorch on your roof, and can be almost impossible to put out. We can help you prevent such disastrous fires that can turn your home into a total loss.

Clean Your Fireplace and Chimney Annually in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Many of our customers make the smart choice of combining our professional duct cleaning services with fireplace and chimney sweep. We offer great discounts when you combine services, since we’re already at your property with our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technicians. Safeguard your home from smoke and chimney fires by having us get this important job done at your convenience. Our extended service area covers the entire seven-county metro area, from Blaine, Maple Grove, Coon Rapids and Roseville to Bloomington, Savage, Richfield and Edina, and from Mendota Heights, Oakdale, Maplewood and Eagan to Minnetonka, Plymouth, Golden Valley and Eden Prairie. Contact us now to schedule these services at a time that’s convenient for you.

Disclaimer: There is an additional cost for animal removal (dead or alive) or animal nests or debris removal. This cost will vary depending on the circumstances.