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  • $149 Air Duct Sweep – FREE furnace or air conditioner cleaning included.
  • $249.95 Rotary Brush Cleaning – Get rid of dirt, dust, debris and allergens.

Spring Duct Cleaning Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota homeowners make a tradition of spring-cleaning. After being cooped up in our Twin Cities homes for our cold winters, with dirt and grime being tracked in over the winter, we’re ready to spruce up, and open up our homes for the warmer seasons. Adding professional air duct cleaning to your to-do list makes sense for many reasons and provides a healthier indoor environment for you and your family. As the most trusted duct cleaner in Minneapolis St. Paul, we can improve your indoor air by getting rid of airborne allergens and contaminants. We can also make your heating and air conditioning system run more efficiently.

Winter is hard on all of us, but even harder on our homes. We shut down our homes, seal them up to keep the heat in, and spend much more time indoors. Even our pets are inside most of the time. The result is that dust, pet hair and dander, and other contaminants have nowhere to go but into our ductwork. Our furnaces run almost constantly, and the debris and odors build up.

Spring Duct Cleaning for Better Indoor Air Quality

When spring arrives, we can’t wait to throw the doors and windows open and sweep all that stale winter dust and air out of our homes. However, if your air ducts are still dirty, all the pollutants and contaminants will still be in the air you breathe. That dust and other debris, along with the pet dander and the odors of a closed up house are still in there, waiting to circulate again as soon as the air conditioning comes on for the summer.

There’s no better time to have your ducts cleaned professionally than the spring season. Our experienced technicians will come in, and thoroughly remove the wintertime accumulation of dust, debris, dirt, fungi, bacteria, and pet hair and dander from your air ducts. It’s a good time, too, to clean your clothes dryer vent and get rid of all the lint from those sweatshirts and other winter clothing. You can even take advantage of big discounts when you combine these services.

With your air ducts cleaned, there is less dust in the air, and your home will stay fresh longer and all the stale odors of winter will be gone from your entire home. Then, when the summer heat arrives and your central air conditioner kicks in, you’ll have nothing but fresh, cool air flowing through your home.

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